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« Eyewitness News at 5:00 (HD, New) A comprehensive examination of the major local, regional, state and national news events of the day are presented by the Eyewitness News Team.
Eyewitness News at 6:00 (HD, New) Major news events of the day are examined by the Eyewitness News Team along with the latest business, sports, weather and rush-hour traffic in New York City.
ABC World News Tonight with David Muir (HD, New) Veteran news anchor David Muir and the ABC News Team report on the important events and headlines from across the nation and around the world.
Jeopardy! (HD, New, TV-G) A returning champion and two challengers test their buzzer skills and their knowledge in a wide range of academic and popular categories.
Wheel of Fortune Show You The World (HD, New, TV-G) Contestants contend with a fickle wheel as they earn cash and prizes, including cars and trips, for solving word puzzles by filling in missing letters.
The Goldbergs Revenge O' The Nerds (HD, New, TV-PG) Beverly decides to reinvent herself and quits her job as a substitute teacher; Erica has trouble with balancing her academic and social life in college.

My Family Recipe Rocks! Korean Mom and Daughter (Repeat, TV-G) Joey performs a spoof of the "Anchorman" movies with his co-anchor "Hash Ragsdale" to interview a mother-daughter combo who are experts in Korean cooking.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
The Balancing Act (HD, TV-PG) Hosts Julie Moran, Olga Villaverde and Danielle Knox offer tips for women and by women to help today's female achieve success in life, love and work.
Home with Lisa Quinn Functional and Fun Living Room (Repeat, TV-G) Host Lisa Quinn shows viewers how to create a functional and fun living room for a mother and son who love to watch play board games and watch movies.
The Chew Treat Yourself! (HD, New, TV-PG) Actor and "The Land of Stories" author Chris Colfer joins Mario Batali to cook a dish and play a game; fans get a surprise.

The Drew Carey Show Drew Gets Married (TV-14) Drew returns from a convention in Las Vegas where he helped a disadvantaged young mother gain custody of her kids by posing as her husband.
The Drew Carey Show Man's Best Same Sex Companion (TV-14) Drew pretends to have a gay lover in order to get health benefits for his dog's hip surgery; Kate gets a ferret with a penchant for escaping.
The Drew Carey Show Two Drews and the Queen of Poland Walk Into a Bar (TV-14) Drew and company fear for their lives when the deranged Earl is released from prison and hatches a plan to assimilate Drew's lifeā€¦ after killing him.
That '70s Show Sunday, Bloody Sunday (TV-14) Kitty struggles with her decision to quit smoking when Red's mother comes for a visit; Eric procrastinates on writing his 1,000-word paper and seeks help.
That '70s Show Eric's Buddy (TV-14) Kelso and Stephen become annoyed when Eric makes a new friend and stops seeing them as much; Eric is upset when he learns Buddy thought he was gay.
That '70s Show The Best Christmas Ever (TV-14) Red gives Eric 40 bucks to buy a Christmas tree with a promise that he can keep the change, so Eric and the guys cut a tree down on the side of the road.
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